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Feroz ul Lughat has more than 50,000 words including popular proverbs and idioms. It was compiled by Maulvi Ferozuddin. After years of hardwork, the first edition of this dictionary was published in 1897. Since then it has been revised with new words and additions after every 20-25 years.

In addition to words from Urdu, this dictionary has words originating from Sanskrit, Punjabi, Sindhi, Farsi, Hindi and English. Another interesting feature about this dictionary is that it contains the names of the Prophets (peace be upon them all), Sahaabah and the Great Imaams with their meanings.

The salient features of this app are:

1. Words and idioms can be searched directly using Urdu keyboard
2. Urdu vocabulary can be improved by the “Teach Me a New Word” feature
3. Auto-Suggest feature enables users to enter words easily
4. Favourite words can be bookmarked for future reference (Feature coming soon)
5. Word with meaning can be shared across social media platforms
6. Correct Urdu pronunciation of each word has been provided (Feature coming soon)